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Hotel Maximillian Is located in a small Indonesia"s archipelago, Tanjung Balai Karimun which in Riau island. This beautiful archipelago is one hour away from Batam island which you can reach by Ferry. Tanjung Balai Karimun is a small island that has a great potential and a place where many traders and businessmen from Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore are assembled together in which makes Tanjung Balai Karimun as an interesting place. Its natural resources have not been touched by the modern era and you will find the unique combination between traditional and modern. You may rest assured that Hotel Maximillian provides all facilities including free Wifi to ease and support your business work.Hotel Maximillian not only provides accommodation & entertainment, but also offers its distinctiveness that you cannot find at any other places. Located on the sea, make hotel Maximillian has its own value. Particularly for the restaurant where that you can enjoy the expertise of the chef who will spoil your palate. Although having breakfast inside, you will still can feel the sea breeze and hear the sea gulls chirping. Sky View restaurant is located on the highest floor of the hotel to enjoy the sunset in the evening while relaxing with live music and playing pool with your business partners. To unwind after a busy day and to revitalize for evening activities, please visit our Spa facility for relaxing massages or to sooth yourself at the warm pool.Karaoke facility is available for those who loves singing. Should you have a sudden meeting with a business associate and you feel that your appearance is not appropriate, rest assured that we have a saloon to fix it for you. Hotel Maximillian provides all your needs and wants
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